doctor of philosophy (phd) in applied science

▶ MOHE APPROVAL                                          ▶ MQA ACCREDITATION
      N/545/8/0096 [11/25]                                        MQA/PA9595

▶ INTAKES                                                           ▶ DURATION OF STUDY
      March, June, September                                     Full Time: Min 3 Years, Max 6 Years
      & December                                                           Part Time: Min 4 Years, Max 8 Years

     Malaysia Full Time: ±RM21,250, Part Time: ±RM21,700
     International Full Time: ±RM25,250

     *excludes fees for research expenditure, recurring fees, dissertation/thesis re-examination fees, fee for appeal to review the examination results and fee for         appeal to review dissertation/thesis.

     Programme Aims

     The Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences programme aims to produce postgraduates in the area of scientific studies that are capable of fulfilling their       professional demands in highly competitive global market with confidence, novel knowledge, and outstanding ethical and moral values.

     Programme Objective

▶ To demonstrate substantial and up to date core knowledge of broad areas in applied science researches applicable to their field;
▶ To design, carry out, and interpret research projects that generate new knowledge which advances the applied sciences;
▶ To articulates the significance of their own work to their field in both historical and forward looking contexts;
▶ To demonstrate the oral, written and media communication skills required to be effective communicants and mentors of peers, future scientists and                   scientifically literate citizens.

     Entry Qualifications

▶ A Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) in Applied Sciences or related fields accepted by the Senate; OR
▶ Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree recognised by the Government of Malaysia; OR
▶ Candidates without a related qualification in the fields or working experience in the relevant fields must undergo appropriate prerequisite courses                        determined by the HEP; OR
  ** A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent in related with first class (CGPA of 3.67 or higher) cab be accepted subject to having shown                                 competency and capability in conducting research at the PhD level through rigorous internal assessment and approval by Senate. However, no exit award         of Master’s degree for candidate who does not meet PhD graduation requirement 

  ** Candidates registered for Master’s degree by research programmes with a Bachelor’s Degree level may apply to convert their candidacy to the PhD                      programmes within ONE (1) year for full time and within TWO (2) years for part-time subject to having shown competency and capability in conducting              research at PhD level through rigorous internal assessment and approval by the Senate.

      NOTE: * pre-requisite courses – Subjects: Engineering Statistic, Industrial Safety and Health and Operational Research


      Fulfil English Language Requirements for International Students ONLY:

▶ International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.0; OR
▶ A medium of instruction letter from the awarding institution confirming that English was the language of instruction in your previous school
▶ Other equivalent qualifications approved by the University Senate