doctor of philosophy (phd) in business management

▶ MOHE APPROVAL                                           ▶ MQA ACCREDITATION
      R/345/8/0843 [08/27]                                          MQA/FA7421

▶ INTAKES                                                            ▶ DURATION OF STUDY
     March, June, September                                       Full Time: Min 3 Years, Max 6 Years
     & December                                                             Part Time: Min 4 Years, Max 8 Years

     Malaysia Full Time: ±RM17,250, Part Time: ±RM15,700
     International Full Time: ±RM21,250

   *excludes fees for research expenditure, recurring fees, dissertation/thesis re-examination fees, fee for appeal to review the examination results and fee for         appeal to review dissertation/thesis.

     Programme Aims

     The programme aims to provide students with in-depth and advanced knowledge within their specific areas of Business Management Studies. It also aims       to inculcate in them a systematic, rigorous and ethical approach in conducting research in specialised areas, thereby contributing new insights to the body       of knowledge and managerial practices.

    Programme Objective

▶ To equipped graduates with in-depth and advanced knowledge, by research work, within the area of business management;
▶ To enhance communications skills through presentation and publications; and
▶ To perform research independently and collaboratively in a systematic, rigorous and ethical manner.

     Entry Qualifications

▶ Master’s degree (Level 7 MQF) in a business or related field as accepted by the University Senate; OR
▶ Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) as accepted by University Senate.

      Fulfil English Language Requirements for International Students ONLY:

▶ International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.0; OR
▶ A medium of instruction letter from the awarding institution confirming that English was the language of instruction in your previous school
▶ Other equivalent qualifications approved by the University Senate