doctor of philosophy (phd) in computing

▶ MOHE APPROVAL                                       ▶ MQA ACCREDITATION
     N/481/8/0789 [01/27]                                      MQA/PA12390

▶ INTAKES                                                        ▶ DURATION OF STUDY
     March, June, September                                   Full Time: Min 3 Years, Max 6 Years
     & December                                                         Part Time: Min 4 Years, Max 8 Years

     Malaysia Full Time: ±RM21,250, Part Time: ±RM21,700
     International Full Time: ±RM25,250

   *excludes fees for research expenditure, recurring fees, dissertation/thesis re-examination fees, fee for appeal to review the examination results and fee for         appeal to review dissertation/thesis.

    Programme Aims

    The Ph.D. in Computing at the School of Computing and Creative Media in UTS is a research award degree programme that offer students the opportunity          to study all aspects of living, working and building in a digital world, including understanding the societal needs by going into the field; designing and                  developing new technology; putting technology to use in various industries or underserved communities; or devising theories about computing and its wider      role in society. Our core research programme is augmented by transdisciplinary research taking place at the interface with discipline areas including                    informatics, humanities, social sciences, engineering and cognitive sciences. Our programme offers opportunities for everyone, whether you prefer to work      directly with social communities, or more technically inclined laboratory based, or both.

    Programme Objective

▶ To Identify, explain, and assess the major theories, research methods, and technical approaches driving the field of computing and the impact of these                elements in industry or on society.
▶ To contribute to the advancement of the scientific body of knowledge in computing and related fields
▶ Compose and engage in highly effective written and oral communication in computing areas; demonstrate clear argumentation and logical cohesion in a            variety of written and oral communications, including scholarly dissemination, funding requests, industry, and in public sphere.

     Entry Qualifications

▶ A Master’s Degree (Level 7, MQF) or equivalent AND candidates must have completed at least ONE (1) of their earlier Degrees (Master’s or Bachelor’s) in           Computing or related to computing; OR
▶ Candidates registered for Master’s Degree (Level 7, MQF) by research programmes with a Bachelor’s Degree level may apply to convert their candidacy to          PhD programmes subject to having shown competency and capability in conducting research at PhD level and approval by the University’s Senate; OR
▶ Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysia Government.

     Fulfil English Language Requirements for International Students ONLY:

▶ International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.0; OR
▶ A medium of instruction letter from the awarding institution confirming that English was the language of instruction in your previous school
▶ Other equivalent qualifications approved by the University Senate