N/581/7/0106 [06/23]                   MQA/PA9736

▶ INTAKES                                      ▶ DURATION OF STUDY
      September                                       Full Time: Min 1.5 Years, Max 4 Years

      Malaysia Full Time: ±RM 32,850
      International Full Time: ±RM42,610

    *excludes fees for research expenditure, recurring fees, dissertation/thesis re-examination fees, fee for appeal to review the examination results and fee for       appeal to review dissertation/thesis.

     Programme Aims

     The Master of Architecture is designed to produce talented and skilled human capital that meets the demands of the construction on industry. It complies         with the objectives of the Council of Architectural Accreditation on and Education on Malaysia (CAAEM) under the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM).

     Programme Objectives

▶ To produce graduates who can apply architectural knowledge and skills in professional practice
▶ To produce graduates who can apply their abilities in architectural communication and collaborative skills with multi-disciplinary teams in the construction        industry
▶ To produce graduates who can interpret current architectural issues and apply appropriate solutions

     Entry Qualifications

▶ A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from LAM Part 1 accredited programme with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or its equivalent qualifications as accepted by the       University Senate; AND
▶ Successful interview and portfolio assessment; AND
▶ Minimum of six (6) months of working experience in architectural firm, recognized organization related to architectural field or practice in the construction        industry with a proof of employment letter; AND
▶ Notwithstanding the minimum CGPAs, the School may, at its discretion, consider applicants with less than the minimum as qualified for entry on the basis        of a good pass at the interview and portfolio assessment.

      Fulfil English Language Requirements for International Students ONLY:

▶ International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.0; OR
▶ A medium of instruction letter from the awarding institution confirming that English was the language of instruction in your previous school
▶ Other equivalent qualifications approved by the University Senate